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“In my search for clarity, truth and light, a good place to start is to own my projections and self delusions and to stop pretending to be something I am not.”  Kaypacha


HAIKU CORNER ~ by Kim Terrell

Time flying by me
thoughts nosily flocking south
headed to new worlds.

Writer writing words
flowing them fast, furious
painting empty space.

Wobbly chair groans,
sighs m
y body shifts in wonder
When will it fall down?

Vicissitudes rule
Fools dance on tiny objects
Poking, picking, gone

HAPPY 2016 !

Costanza Art ShowDulce Stein Presents Robert Constanza at the Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum –  Show Opens Saturday, June 18, 2016 in Silver Lake, California

15 Cubic Years examines the art and journey of Robert Costanza, a self-professed “multi-career time traveler and restless creative.” The artwork mirrors his experience as a scientist, teacher, and seeker, and is organized into three distinct 15-year cycles.





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