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KimPhotoI have always been a writer. Through all my other endeavors, that fact has remained constant.

I began my career working in the theater as an actress, then left acting to attend university. After graduating from Northeastern University in Boston, I moved to Colorado Springs and went to work in the Aerospace Industry as a system engineer. Over the next twenty years, I worked on a myriad of space-related projects in a number of different capacities, from system engineer to Project Manager. These projects took me and my daughter from Boston to Colorado Springs; Colorado Springs to Omaha; Omaha to St Louis; St Louis to Albuquerque; Albuquerque to Los Angeles.

I worked with talented teams of people on space-related projects defining evolving system requirements, then moved to design strategies and eventually implementations. My years in aerospace taught me a great deal—mostly with respect to self-discipline, focus, and follow-through.

However, something was missing. It was time to return to my first two loves… writing and theater.

In 2001, while still working as a system engineer in Huntington Beach, CA, I founded a non-profit theater company, the Virtual Theatre Project (VTP), whose mission was to “identify and produce new work written specifically for the stage.” In service of that mission, VTP ran an annual, then a semi-annual international playwriting competition, “The Pen is a Mighty Sword.” This competition asked for “bold, passionate, provocative plays” written specifically for the stage and offered $2,000 plus full production to the winning play.

I read in excess of 5,000 plays over a ten-year period. During this time, I also wrote plays and produced plays, while having the penfinalprivilege of working with a company of wonderful actors and directors. I had the great good fortune to meet some talented playwrights; at that time, some were up and coming like Lauren Gunderson, Caridad Svich, and Vincent Delaney, and some were well established, like William Missouri Downs. All of them have unique voices.

Then came 2008. I was in Australia, having just left Japan, when I read about what was happening with the banking system worldwide. Let it suffice to say that funding for our project vanished, as did the prospects and the website for the Virtual Theatre Project.

Currently I am a writer, a “pen for hire”, living in France.

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